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Freedom: by Antlason

Freedom is just a word,
just mean a freedom life,
of you pain soul, and
will come back in the end.

I won't tolerate you
hate in this land, why
can't just have happness,
why all of this hate, one
day the people will find the true,
and will have. FREEDOM!

I'll make a rock wall,
so you can't kill us,
don't try to run or hide,
come down and face you sin.

I won't tolerate you
hate in this land, why
Can't just have peace,
why all of this sorrow, one
day the people will find the ture
and will have. FREEDOM!

If people can't get the ready ture,
No one will every be free from sorrow of hate.
Word Story: by Antlason

Today is time for what i feel inside,
trying to get the messenger out there,
now its out, I feel all my blood is
gone from my body, so cold, cant move a dime,
so unbalance, just need blood for my day,
but this world is so crazy, so Wicked these days,
they only want to see everyone dead went come to the
hospital, try get some help, because u are bleeding
everwere, and they dont care, but the money.


Sacrifice by Antlason

1.)I had gave up everything,
To have a better life,
But it's killing us inside,
Did we make the right decision?

c.) Time is so Blinding,
Horror we can't see,
Why live in this madness.

2.) What is it,
Gave up my life,
For all this,
crap to go down the drain,
My soul was not ready for this,
I want to see my way out,
far away from this mess,
house of pain

(2x) You must sacrifice what you had,
(2x) in order to have live the good life.

Asylum by Antlason

Darkness comes, doors closed in,
feel noting, but you will,
that kill you inside,
lies finally came back,
to haunt you,
minds gone to waste side,
hope you see no sun,
no food to eat,
feeling trap.

$1 fix,
coming inside to
the madhouse, want to fly
so high,
I just want blow brains out,
It too much time dream inside,
reality steps in.

I want you to go away
execution chair,
It time to go away,
Time to say goodbye.

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