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Dynamic Flames by Antlason

with my pens on the line,
ready to do it all, find the way
to be free of this madness in lifes,
wish somebody will come to get, all to together,
don't want a flame full of hate, just give me cold
peace, or just comcast you lies on the tv, like a antacid use
nu metal to a arcade to play lots of video games, feeling noting more but ice city.

Really noting more, but killing of the insane dreams that people have 20 cents in are time,
they will feel opens eye of the bloodlines of the true greed lie that
will be in flames, so that anybody thing ways out of mind blowing dj sounds,
coming like mortal kombat saids, finish him.

C ( Dynamic flames, Dynamic flames, using has a yin yang,
and good or evil, Dynamic flame,
Dynamic ways,
Dynamic fades,
Dynamic dies.)

There are so much pain are
life ,that keep come like pies of
evil, that came to eat are happiness away,
why the money eating people look down on
us, and thing it is funny, to look down on the
little people, Wish all went to a land of cool ice that
we all can go to be free, happy, and to have peace ones again.

It's time for a ninja to go help people, I wish,
but they here to kill, or not, I have no clue, but
the ninja people, and anybody for that matter have this,
yin yang inside us all, why can we fly away from this flames that
we all don't know what happing to us all.
Cold By: Antlason

2x Coldness of you will see to be gone,
Flames of the dark will kill, anybody
who try to lie, and try to kill others with,
the pain of cold mind needs to die.

2x Why the darkness will beat you down to a
blood bath, will bleed for days, the cold keep,
coming back again , and this time more evil that
the last ,then will die by lights of ice.

8x Cold!!!

Wish By Antlason


2x I Wish my life was something better,
then the past times of dreams.

Hate keeps up like a time race,
Have the lies come to a places of dead.


2x I Wish my life was something better,
then this hate killing me inside.

Life give only one wish, to make
you life a living.

PAIN !!!

I Wish my life was something better,
then this hate beat like, a bleed
day with out the painless lies you
keep talk about, wish it dies in the flames.

Bind by Antlason


so muck are ways,
so muck the days are gone,
that we all need to fly,
let it all die,
true will be seen,
than the binding lies,
we have for years of pain.


1,2,3, Go,
4,5,6, stop the lies,
7,8,9 wish the dead thanks,
now we all need stop go to the bind,
being the bind, and try to find the true.

We are So muck in the bind


So much in the bind

Mirrors of Fear by Antlason

1.) Why the beating, so muck fear,
blood is killing your deadly pain,
eyes of horror will eat you to a house,
there lies the mirrors of fear.

2.)nine, Knifes, of the
frozen ha ha ha, time for the food,
but have u for today,
then sit on the mirrors of fear.

Welcome to the people,
not for people,
Gov save no one,
But there bloody money,
Sad but true,
hate goes out the carts,
true light must come,
or die.

*4 Stop blaming u problems,
grow the carp up,
read the light,
know the light,
and show other the light.

©Mirrors of fear


Time by Antlason

1.)*2 Hi time, fly my,
die cry, bleed my
pain, go away, so muck time,
let it all out,
see it all to game,
note all u missions,
know to win.

(c)I must win,
before time go bye,
Must win game.

2.) *2 Now you know,
man I lost,
but time keeps ticking
got to beat this game,
it 12 midnight time to die.

Time will expired.

Cyclone by Antlason

Cut it out, let it out,
deface this peace of crap, why
do go through this pain,
Great full of lies, now feel the flame of,
yin yang
yin yang
yin yang
yin yang

Lies are being told has
cyclone on the edge.

Cyclone is getting bigger, why don't you
ask where the money coming from.

Life will fades away at some point!

Were the money come from.

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